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Hey there!

I'm really sorry for being so inactive over the last few months. :(
School started again, and so many other things happened. 
So please don't be mad, i'll be back soon! :la:
  • Mood: Happy

Found this thing somewhere here on DA, can't remember where. If i stole this from you, please message me and i'll add the info c: !

And for those waiting for new #GameOver drawings, don't worry, working on it. :dummy:

001: Real Name: Jade Christin.
002: Nickname(s): Yama, Jay, Steinchen.
003: Zodiac: Taurus.
004: Male or Female: Female.
005: Number of Schools: 2.
006: Nursery: whut?
007: Eye Color: Blue-Grey-Greenish.
008: Hair Color: Dyed red hair, normally blond with a little bit of red in it.
009: Long or Short: Short...!
010: Loud or Quiet: Both.
011: Sweats or Jeans: Jeans.
012: Phone or Camera: Camera.
013: Health Freak: Not really, though people who don't know me very well might think so. #VeganPower
014: Drink or Smoke: Nope.
015: Do you have a crush on someone?: Nope.
016: Political Orientation: Nah.
017: Piercings: Had one, but yeah. Really miss it.
018: Tattoos: Nope. Maybe later though.

Have you ever [Been In]

019: Airplane: Nope.
020: Car Accident: Nope.
021: Fist Fight: Nope.


022: First piercings: Lower lip.
023: First Best Friend: Xihey. And he still is.
024: First Instrument played: Flute.
025: First award: … ;n;
026: First Crush: Ha. I'm late at everything. 14.
027: First Language: German.
028: First Big Vacation: None. Though i've been in denmark on small vacations very often.


029: Last person you talked to: My sister.
030: Last person you texted: SamPondu.
031: Last Person you watched: LunarSkyMagic.
032: Last Food you eat: Pizza. :dummy:
033: Last Movie you watched: „Good bye, Lenin!“
034: Last song you listened to: Limelight – Boyinaband/Cry
035: Last Thing you bought: Dunno...
036: Last person you hugged: My sister.


037: Foods: Broccoli. :heart:
038: Drinks: Applejuice, Orangejuice, Dr. Pepper!
039: Clothing: T-shirt and jeans.
040: Books: The Physician, Shaman, Matters Of Choice, The Last Jew, Noah Gordon in general, and Stephen King of course. Misery is an amazing Book. And George Orwell. Meh, too many to write down.
041: Colour: Green, Orange, Red, Rainbow. :la:
042: Flower: Sun flower.
043: Music: Almost every genre, though i love Placebo the most! :Heart:
044: Movie: Dunno, Maybe „Mary and Max“.
045: Subjects: Art and English.

In the past year I...

046: [ ] Kissed in the rain.
047: [ ] Celebrated Halloween.
048: [ ] Had your heart broken.
049: [ ] Went over the Minutes on your cellphone.
050: [x] Someone Questioned your sexual Orientation.
051: [ ] Had weapons.
052: [ ] Breath Fire.
053: [ ] Had an abortion.
054: [x] Done something you regret.
055: [x] Broke a Promise.
056: [x] Kept a secret.
057: [ ] Pretended to be happy.
058: [x] Met someone who changed your life. //Many People who changed everything.
059: [ ] Pretended to be sick.
060: [x] Left the country.
061: [x] Tried something you didn't liked and liked it.
062: [x] Cried over the silliest thing.
063: [ ] Ran a Mile.
064: [x] Went to the beach.
065: [x] Stayed single.


066: Eating: Nothing.
067: Drinking: Water.
068: Getting ready to: Draw.
069: Listening to: Limelight – Boyinaband/Cry .
070: Plans for tomorrow: Nothing, i'm on vacation.
071: Waiting for: My mom and my sister to come back.

Your Future

072: Want Kids: Definetly.
073: Want to get married: Maybe.
074: Carreers in mind: Sadly nope.

Which is better on a boy Girl

075: Lips or Eyes: Eyes.
076: Shorter or Taller: Taller, though that could be hard to find...
077: Romantic or Spontaneous: Both.
078: Nice Stomache or Nice Arms: Dunno, doesn't really matter...?
079: Sensitive or Loud: Both, just like me :la:
080: Hook-Up or Relationship: Relationship.
081: Troublemaker or Hesitant: Both.

Have you ever

082: Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yup, my glasses.
083: Ran away from home: Yes, with my sister and my teddy, i was 5 c;
084: Held a Weapon, for defense: Nope.
085: Killed somenody: Nah.
086: Talked to someone who made you feel nervous: Um yeah?
087: Been Arrested: Nope.

Do you believe in

088: Yourself: Yup. I'm awesome.
089: Miracles: Nah.
090: Love at first sight: Gosh yes. But i don't think it's a good thing to fall into.
091: Heaven: Nope.
092: Santa Claus: Definetly.
093: Magic: Nope.
094: Mythical stuff: Maybe.

Answer truthfully

095: Is there a person you want to be with right now: Yup. SamPondu and a few more.
096: Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: Nah, but i'm a teenager, so it's fine.
097: Are you happy with the person you're with: Yeah, i'm a pretty great girlfriend to have!
098: Do you like being tagged: Yup. It's fun. c: Though noone ever taggs me... Thats why i have to steal this stuff.
099: Tell me places you would like to see someday: Too many to list.
100: Now Tag five people: Can't think of more than two. Sorry!


If i didn't tag you and you wanna do this, just do it. :)

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